The clock and the moon
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To Clock

The clock and the moon

by lunasol

Dark night with star light

The smell of alcohol intertwined with your sent mixed with mine

Smoke excaped our lips

The pond hot and cold as our bodys came close

"Just a test..I want to choose correctly" I say as we are close

You stop and stare

We smoked and drank. The sent of wine in your breath mixed with the smoke in mine

Pond to bed. Holding me close telling me it's alright.

Telling me you love me before I fall asleep

Lost in the stars that disappeared in our smoke

Dissapeared into the dark we drifted away

I wanted to stay..

But the relapse and nostalgia was enough

"Thank you Clock, I never wanted this you are my distraction, my only bliss Goodbye now for I go. I never loved you."

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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Have you read Rod McKuen? This was in that same vein of free verse that is sad and melancholic but at the same time beautiful. Great poem!!!