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Just some roleplay stuff


by lunasol

I'm so sorry.. I shouldn't of kissed you on the first day.. If I knew this out come I would of stayed away..

You protected me.. You kept me at bay.. Yet now nothing is the same.

I lived in that nightmare dressed in a dream.. I let it run faster and faster as my feelings grew..

They grew and grew never to stop till you told me that you've found love.

My heart sank into the ocean of pain shattering into pieces as it hit the floor.

"I stayed by your side more than anyone" I pleaded " I always loved you.." I sank into the water after my heart..

You left the next day. Taking our daughter and friends.. I sat in the abyss reaching out for you to help.

I begged and cried.. I wanted you by my side like old times.. The moon and the Sun to be reunited..

"Please come back.." I said before I left she gained control...She looked at you with a stern look..

"You broke her..How could you..She loved you more than anything.."Alice growled at the sun..."She wont come back again"

The sun looked at the empty void where the moon once was and remembered a necklace that was a gift"I loved the moon.."

The sun grabbed the necklace in his hands crying " Bring my Luna back..I love her.."

Alice looked at the sun before she disappeared as the moon reappeared "Y-you love me?.." the moon asked as the pieces of the heart form into a new heart.

She looked down crying speaking softly" I'm sorry..So sorry.." before she disappeared for good.

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