Show me how you self-destruct
Show me how you self-destruct stories

lunasol Heyo
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
This is written with a song title by Old Gray. Also is a similar title to one a poem that my "friend" wrote.
*Well it's off track*

Show me how you self-destruct

Show me how you self destruct.

Is step one falling in love? It must be easy because you have already fallen for someone.

Is step two being stern enough to throw the lover off? It's like you already do that to everyone.

Wait, I think I know how you already self-destruct.

Loving those you can't have

Watching them leave

Letting them take your heart

Leaving you stuck in a timeless loop.

You let them go. The slipped through your fingers. You did this.

But I did too. I didn't need you to show me how to self-destruct.

I just needed to find someone who been like this. Someone like me.

A friend that understands. Even if one of us are eventually no longer.

Don't show me how to self destruct. Show me how we can live.

As friends, again.

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