The Demons of Shadow Moon - Part 6
The Demons of Shadow Moon - Part 6 demon stories

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Luna learns more about Akira and how magic works...

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The Demons of Shadow Moon - Part 6

Echo was an amazing sister, even if she was a little threatening sometimes...

Then there was Akira, who wasn't quite so mean to me.

He taught me all sorts of things...

"All demons have magic within them. The soul constantly produces it,"

"But not all know how to unleash that magic, let alone control it," Akira explained as I walked through the forest with him, collecting fruit.

"So I have magic within me? How do I get it out??" I wandered, stretching to reach for a teasing apple that was ever so slightly out of my reach.

"It's not too difficult. I'll show you," Akira grabbed the apple I was reaching for, allowing me to grab it from him.

He took a few steps back as I looked down at the apple. Its colour had darkened slightly...

"Throw the apple as high as you can," he smiled.

"Uh..." I looked back up at him in confusion, then back to the apple in my palms.

"Why?" I wondered.

"You'll see," he answered.

"Um... ok..." I replied.

I lowered my hands, gripping the apple in them, then sprung my arms up, letting my grip slip away from the fruit.

Akira lifted his arm out to the height of the apple and unleashed his magic towards it.

It fell back down... Blackened...?

"Uh, wait, I don't understand. The apple's... not fresh anymore," I observed, walking to the fallen apple.

"That's because I unleashed my magic onto it,"

"As I've told you, my magic is... dangerous,"

"It's too powerful for life to handle, so when I release it onto plants and fruits, they die..." Akira explained.

"Aww... that's really sad," I frowned.

"Hm. It's my own fault for not being able to control it,"

"All demons release their magic naturally, but it's important to learn how to handle it,"

"I'm sure you noticed that the apple was affected by simply pulling it down..."

"I still can't control my magic properly, so I tend to hurt all the fragile life around me," Akira explained with a disheartened tone.

"You don't hurt me!" I pouted stubbornly.

"Hm," he smiled in amusement to my sudden declaration.

"Because you're not fragile," he smiled, ruffling my hair.

"That doesn't matter; you could never hurt me! I know it!" I claimed.

His eyes widened, hand froze in place.

"... Of course not," he agreed, questionably hesitant as he let his hand drop to his side.

"So... How do I make my magic do something?? Like how Echo makes sunlight?" I went on.

"Well, first, you'll need to practice releasing your magic by will,"

"You'll need to control it by learning to restrict what's naturally released and preserving it,"

"Once you've mastered that, you can learn to release the magic in the form of an element or use it to manipulate objects or cast spells," Akira explained.

"Whoaaaa! I could do that??" I asked in awe.

"I think you could, yes. Tell me, what would you want to learn?" he wondered.

"Hm..." I took a second to think of my answer.

"Fire magic! I'd be like, pow! Pow! Feel my flames of glory and happiness!!" I laughed, punching the air in excitement.

"Ah- but fire would really hurt, and I don't wanna hurt anyone!"

"Ah! I know! I'll learn snow magic!!"

"You showed me a picture of the snow once... If I knew how to make it, I could make everywhere look really pretty! That'd be so cool!" I went on.

"Haha. I don't think I've ever met someone with snow as a magic..." Akira chuckled.

"Oh! Wait! I changed my mind; I wanna learn sun magic like Echo-chan!" I decided.

"Uh... wait..." I reconsidered, head tilting to the side in cute thought.

"Mm, final answer! I want to learn plant magic," I looked up to Akira as I spoke, expression and tone filled with determination.

"Uh... Why plant magic?" Akira wondered with a smile.

"Because... Then I could create life that wouldn't get hurt from your magic!" I announced.

"Uh... You'd do that for me...?" he seemed moved by my reasoning as a small blush formed.

I smiled at his clear appreciation.

"Absolutely! I'll learn plant magic! Then you'll never have to worry about harming any kind of life!" I beamed.

Akira smiled gently back to my carefree and kind expression, softly stroking my head.

"You're the only life I care about not hurting," he told me with a warm smile that hid a world of pain...

His kind words reminded me of his familiarity. Each sweet remark sent me back to a time I could not remember.

It hurt to be reminded of nothing, and yet... I never stopped yearning for his praise and kind words.

They made me so remarkably happy. Every time his kind gaze would meet mine, I felt safe, joy... Comfort.

He was the one I trusted more then anyone...

I wonder...

I wonder... Will this feeling last forever?

To be continued... 💖

Until then... if you had a magic power, what would it be? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your ideas! ^•^

Personally I’d want a magic anime portal where I could live my life as a harem protagonist XD Maybe I could be thrown into MHA where I can drool over my simp Todoroki 😂

Remember, you can read ahead on wattpad ;)

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