the pain i have
the pain i have stories

lunarmoonCommunity member
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Why can't i just die Would anyone care

the pain i have

Why can't i just die

Would anyone care

I don't think so

If they do who cares

there just the one that caused it

My pain would be gone

& Then Maybe

Maybe they would be happy

Cuz guess what

They would get what they wanted

All along

To see me die

They said it right to my face

So why should i not believe it

They Told me i was trash

That i was a mistake

That i was worth nothing

Not even worth caring about

Maybe they're wrong

But i wish it was true

right now!

I wish i was nothing

I wish i was dead

My pain would be gone

It would be so much easier

So why don't i just do it

Slice my throat

Shoot myself in the head

Maybe it would be easier that way

With no more pain

No more torture from anyone

It's so easy

To just grab a knife & end it

You know whatś funny i never wanted this

To be dead

But then i got to middle school where my life all fell apart

Where people started to bully me for how i looked or for what i did

& All i wanted was people to see who i really am

it shouldn't matter how u look

But that never happens

Because of the ones who torture me

Who spread the roomers

Make me seem like trash

Because people start to hear stuff that is not true

Then they start to believe

Witch in a weird way it makes it come true

& makes you want to die

cuz people can only take so much pain

Before they want to die

Just like me

all i want is for this pain to just be gone

but it never will

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