I am a person just like you
I am a person just like you 
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we may not be what you think you need to get to know them for them

I am a person just like you

When you walk by me in the hall

you think the worst of me

the thing,s you heard about me

the way I look on the outside

you judge me on that

actually I am the opposite of what you think

truth is I am a person just like you

but you won't ever see that

you are caught up in the rumors

Never giving me chance to show

who I really am

I am not dark, crazy, depressed and all messed up

you hear horibol things

that this person is a slut

she just tries to get atanchen

don't talk with her

Don't be her friend

I heard that she can't be trusted

she will use you

she does horrible things

but none of that is true

People say these word

So nobody see the things that they are hiding

give me a chance

I will show you the real me

That I am sweet kind and full of great energy

just trying to fit in

But wons you start to say this awful words

it hurts me more than you know

its like you are stabbing me

through the heart

It changes me

It's what causes my depression

it's what takes me to the dark places

It's what causes me to go insane

you know

when you called those names

It took me through a unsettling path of darkness

I want to be gone

I could be gone

just because of you

Alone with know one

you could change this

go ask me

Why I dress the way I do

actually come talk to me

find the truth

why am I the girl that wears all black

They think I worship the devil just because of this

But this is just some crap they herd

But when

it's because I like that color

I thought it looked cool

I hardly talk

don't answer bake right away

You would say something but you don't

you would rather just walk away

if you did go

find the reason why I am like this

Its cuz im shy

And if i do say something

I make a fool of myself

I will say the wrong thing

That you will make fun of me

because it all happened to me before

I don't want it to happen again

To be out of place

The one they laugh at

Make fun of

There's no point to chang

They will keep on doing it

Laughing pointing making fun of me

cuz this is how are world works

people judge you

just on first impression

cuz of your looks

what they get tolled

they don't want to find the truth

it takes to much time they say

But when actually it doesn't

if you did go find the truth

you would get to know me

actually start to like me

for who I really am

you will see that I am a person just like you

just remember this one thing

the stuff you get told

Is not always true

I am not actually that bad

get to know me

you just have to give everyone a chance

you don't know what you could miss

It could be friendship

That you never thought could happen

so go up to the next person you see

that look all sad

go get to actually know them for them

before you judge them

you will find out something magical

It is called a friendship

Just remember this we are all humans just like you

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