For my suicide
 For my suicide

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people, it's time. It's time, people to know what your words can cause like this poem if you think it is good

For my suicide

people, it's time.

It's time, people

To tell the truth

To start at the beginning

Strat out from my life

The knife drops deep

as does my heart.

I'm never dying

Beyond the walls of thoughts

life is defined.

I think of betrayed when I'm in a school

Hope the chart got some sort of smart.

Cuz I don't

My starts like no dirty counterpart.

You complain about being hurt.

I run up to my locker

In a school state of mind.

I hear you behind me

You're the one calling me names

I gotta love it though

I have no choice

But to stay there & listen

To the lies you are spreading

Behind my back!

& your complain about being hurt.

somebody still speaks for the life you have

But do they mine

No !

Cuz you're the one that destroyed that .

Made me want to die

Cuz guess what

You said

You called me Lifeless, poor, worthless,

Like there’s no harm

Boy can I tell you

There is

I can't take being hurt,

I can't take the words.

I am tired of falling apart

Day after day

I guess I got no more time

I never thought I'd see that time

That I was kicked out of my life

Before I even had one

You just came in

swiped it away

When I was young I had a life.

There Ain't no soul alive that could take my life

& be alright

it's quite disgusting

To have are world be like this

Aware no one lives matter

Cuz I think of betrayed. & what as led me down this path

It was not me

It was you

You treated me like crap

You told me to die

That no one would care

You broke me

I can't take it

You got what you want

To see me worthless

And all apart

But you took it to far

I woke up

& did what said

I ended it

I am gone

You go to school

Wonder where I am

To see my face off despar

But I am not there

You walk the halls

Looking for me

But i’m not there

You ask around

but know one knows

There just like you

Clueless & worried

People say i’m just sick

But i’m not

You go home worried

But then you just think

Oh yeah she is just sick

Two weeks later i’m still not there

People say I moved others say I skipped

But that’s not right

You can’t stop thinking about it

Where I am

You can’t help it

So You go back home

Your mom calls you over

She asked you what you know

You say nothing

You just go to sleep

You feel sick you know there’s something wrong

You go back you hear something

It’s a rumor

I’m dead

You're the one that caused it

You don’t know what to believe

You don’t want it to be true

But it is

The announcements come on

They say something it’s about me

They say the rumor is true

She is dead

You wonder why

But I think you know

There was a note

It involved you

They read it to the school

You already know what it said at least you think

Here it goes

It’s the truth

You don’t want to hear it

But you have to listing

They start to speak

To tell my life

That I could not take

You there in the school

You called me names

think it doesn't matter

You say words don’t affect you

But they do

You told me to go die

So I did

You called me worthless

Know I am

But all you wanted was to see me hurt

But you want to far

I took my life

Because of you

You messed with me like a toy

Used me for your benefit

Like I wouldn't care

but i did

and now your left there with a pain in your heart

because your the one that made me die

and you have to deal with that forever

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