Why All The Lies...?
Why All The Lies...? stories
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lunareclipse I love the moon!!!
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Lunar Eclipse is a high school student who just got her licences. I think she needs to go back to driving school...

Why All The Lies...?

"I'm going to school now, Mom," I said. Hi. My name is Luna, Luna Eclipse, my friends call me Lulu. I am a high school student at Sakura High School in Ikebukuro, Japan.

I don't want to go to school today.

Then again, we don't all get what we want, do we? Anyway, I got my drivers licences on March 1st, so I get to drive myself to school!!! I'm exited and I am also dreading this day.

There are two reasons why: One, Because I am in high school and I am still as childish as ever and Two, Because I can't stop being goofy. I have to go now.

Now, I'm driving to school. I have to go in places that I'm not very familiar with. I usually fall asleep during the rides to school. Not anymore. I have to stay up. I hate it. That car...

it's driving on the wrong side of the road! Ahhh!...

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*. " My head hurts. So does the rest of my body does, too...," I moaned and tried to sit up. I couldn't. I screamed in pain. " Mom, you're here," I said. Who's car did I hit..

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