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lunaralchemistIts the quiet moments that makes sense
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When the world goes quiet with the Moon high in the sky. I remember, I remember all my failings. Its in those quiet moments that I hate myself the most.

When in the light of day; I can forget my failings and my insecurities. The world is so loud and vivid and I can hide myself so easy in the depths of the chaos around me.

I can almost taste the freedom and joy when I forget. I can feel alive then in the sun. When, I can feel the caress of the wind and feel the warmth of the sun shining...I can forget and breath.

In those moments...I am alive and free. In that moment, I am free from it all. I remember when the world goes dark and the Moon is high in the sky, I am no longer free.

The quiet pants of my breath is so loud and I am chained. In that moment, I am enslaved by my own mind and in that moment I am no longer me.

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