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lunaralchemist “ lets build a happy little cloud...”
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I. Give. Up

I give up.

I give up. I give up my sense of self and my identify. I give up all the things that was once me. I've have loved you without conditions without boundaries.

I have loved you with all that is me and still I give up. I have given up, knowing that the love you give is not without conditions. The love you give me...is something within reason.

I have given my all and in return...I've received only a portion, a bit that you so willingly and freely give to others but never me. I give up. I. Give. Up.

I will take back what is left; the little bit that has not died and given up. I will take it away and stored it where it can't die. You've taken the rest of it and squander it away.

I will not give this piece to you.

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