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A nineteen-year-old mother name Luna takes on her friend's advice to create an ad to find love but found it somewhere she never expected.


“Sophie, I don’t know if this,” but before I can even finish my sentence, my best friend, Sophie turns around from her desk.

She places her finger on her lips, looks at me in the eyes then open her lips to say, “Shhh! I’m trying to help you out! You need a man in your life and for that cute daughter of yours.”

I shake my head, allowing it to hang from my shoulders, wondering if placing an ad to find some guy was the right idea. “Now read this and tell me what you think.”

Sophie hands me the piece of paper that she’s been working on, and handshaking, I grab the slip and start reading.

I feel my face getting warmer with each word and by the time I look up to snap at my friend, my face is redder than hot peppers.

“Looking for someone to take care of my broken heart? Are you fucking serious! I sound fucking desperate! I am not a fucking damsel in distress!”

She then rolls her eyes, “Please! You didn’t sleep or eat for days since that ass you called a fucking boyfriend left you to take care of your baby by your-fucking-self! I’m just looking out for your ass, Luna!”

Even though I know Sophie is right, I still feel angry, but I don't know why. Sophie has been with me through thick and thin for what feels like my entire life. She was the only one who was really there for me when I found out I was pregnant with Ines.

She was there for me when my own mother threatened to kick me out of my house, which led her to let me sleep in her guest room. She was there when Ines was born, and even held my hand while I was giving birth since Ines’s father didn’t show up. She was there when the father of my child left me alone with a four-month-old baby because he wanted to go out with some redhead.

And now she is still here for me and my two-year-old baby girl, but instead of just agreeing with her, I stand up from my seat to say angrily, “Looking out for me? You made it seem like I can’t even take care of my fucking self! I don’t need some bitch ass man in my life!”

Sophie sighs while shaking her head. She looks at me with such concern in her big gray eyes that I immediately regret what I said. She then starts playing with her long, black curly hair and opens her cherry gloss lips saying, “Look I’m sorry. It's just, you're nineteen, in college, helping out your mom at work and with a daughter.

I just want you happy, and, yes, I know you can be happy without a guy, but I still think you should at least wait till someone calls and then after a few dates we’ll put it down.” I thought about it for a brief moment then finally said, “Okay, okay I’ll give it a shot.”

Three weeks later. . .

“Are you ready to order yet ma’am?” I look up at my waiter to see him standing over me, impatiently waiting for me to answer him.

“No, I’m expecting someone,” I said with an awkward smile. “Of course ma’am.” Then he turns around and walks off to the back.

I sigh to myself, letting my cheek rest on the palm of my hand while my other hand makes small circles on the tablecloth.

“Where is he?” I thought to myself. This is my fifth date and so far all the guys were just a waste of my time.

A few of them treated me like I was helpless, while the rest were repetitive when it comes to my looks like, “You’re way too cute to have a baby” or “I’m mostly into blondes, but for you, I can make an exception.”

Now, this guy isn't even showing up, and it's been more than twenty minutes. “He could have at least left a fucking text message or call,” I thought as I’m starting to feel impatient myself.

I look at my half-empty drink and start to look around at my surroundings. The restaurant lights are dim and the slow music playing is making it sound like I’m in prom.

The candlelight holders from every table are red, matching the tablecloth but with different color roses in each vase.

So far, I look like I'm the youngest person here since almost everyone else looks like they are between the ages of twenty and forty, except for the cute senior couple that's next to the exit far from my right.

I sigh then proceed to grab my bag that's been sitting on my lap and open the lid, searching for my phone.

“Sophie must be giving Ines her dinner by now,” I thought to myself as I drop my phone into my purse since I'm about to leave. I stood up from my seat, opening my purse to grab two five dollar bills, leaving them on the table, so the waiter can get something out of me. I turn around and walk straight towards the exist.

I smile at the old couple as I leave the restaurant, keeping my head held high as I walk out. The outdoors is filled with nothing but a few noisy people walking down along the sidewalk.

There’s hardly any cars driving along the road, since where I live there’s no need to drive when everything is so close to you.

The sun has gone and there’s nothing but a beautiful, clear, night sky with the full moon shining brightly.

The nice cooling air relaxes my tense body, as the wind slowly flows through my straight, long, dark-brown hair and red dress.

I can smell the sweet scent of fresh air pouring into my lungs, making me feel completely relaxed, so I close my eyes and let the cool breeze take my problems away.

With my eyes still closed, I walk down the sidewalk, feeling nothing but the soothing wind till the front part of my body slams right into what feels like a wall, causing me to fall backward and land on my ass. "Owww,"

I look up while I’m still on the ground to see that what I hit wasn’t a wall but another woman, a really pretty woman in a blue skirt and black tank top.

Her chestnut hair is a mixture of waves and curls, her skin is fair, making it easy for me to see her cheeks changing into a light shade of red.

She reaches out her hand towards me, while slightly leaning over me, causing a strain of hair to fall over a small portion of her face which made me notice how deeply green her eyes are.

I raise my hand to meet up with hers and I let our fingers touch till they intwine. Her hands are warm and soft, making my cold hand warm up slightly.

She pulls me from the ground and looks up at me since I’m only a few inches taller than her.

I parted my nervous lips to speak only to have my voice stuttering out, “I-I’m sorry my eyes were close and-,”

But my words got stuck in my throat when she starts staring straight into my eyes, causing my heart to pound against my chest then she giggles.

Her pink lips curve into a beautiful smile then separating her lips to say, “No worries. It was bound to happen.”

Her voice for some reason made my stomach twist into knots and even cause a shiver to dance up my spine.

The way she spoke sounds so warm and calming that I felt my own cheeks getting warm up, causing me to look down only to see we are still holding hands.

“Sorry!” I said very nervously. I unwind my fingers and wrap them around my ruby necklace, letting my fingers hold onto the ruby so tightly that my knuckles might turn white.

The beautiful women look at me and smile, saying, “No worries!”

For a few seconds we didn’t speak but then she turns towards the sky causing her neck to stretch out a bit allowing me to notice that around her neck is a beautiful sapphire necklace resting against her chest and reflecting the moon’s light, causing everything around it to shine and sparkle.

“Beautiful night, isn’t it?” asks the beautiful woman.

I avert my eyes from her necklace and motion my head to look up at the sky, but I look back at her, watching the way her eyes, hair and face glow with the moon’s light,causing my heart to beat even faster till I finally say, “Yeah, it is, just like you.”

Then she looks straight at me with widened eyes, making herself look like she can see right through me. Immediately my face grew red and my hands got all sweaty.

My heart felt like it fell to my stomach, while my legs start to tremble.

“I meant your necklace!” I said out loud, trying to avoid any further awkwardness that I created.

She continues to stare at me, looking like she’s trying to decide what to do and before I could say anything more she grabs her necklace and to my surprise she blushes, looking at the ground,

leaving only a few seconds of silence till she finally said, “I think you're beautiful too.”

Before I can react, she takes one step closer to me, leaving only about an inch of her face away from mine, her pink lips so close to mine that I can smell a strawberry fragrance,

causing my body to shake nervously.

“What am I doing!” I thought to myself as I continue to stare at her lips, trying to figure out how to prevent a kiss from happening, yet wanting it to happen.

Then she parts her lips, “I’m Ivy,” as she takes a step back into the moon’s light, looking all red in the face but still only staring at the ground.

And from that brief moment, I felt a strange sense of longing.

Ivy is what I want from now to forever.

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