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Heyo Guys!!! Welcome to the "Talk with Suna" 7th interview.. Hope you'll stay with me till the end

Talk with Suna 7

Heyo Guys!!! Welcome to the "Talk with Suna" 7th interview.. (OMG can't believe my eyes it's 7 already!! XD)

I am the one and only @black_roses AKA Suna and ofc your host of the day. So, now I am gonna introduce my guest to you guys...

That... is....

My friend @laconicgalaxies AKA Sarah who has more than 175 followers

hi! thank you for inviting me!

Hi Sarah! Your welcome. How are you doing??

I'm doing great as always!

Ohh!! Great.. Now shall we get ready to the 1st question??

I'm ready!

What do you feel about "School"??

hmm school. honestly I love it, a place of friends, education and where I started writing

Mmmm... Nice


Now the 2nd question, if you had so much money and at once loose everything and become poor. What would you do??

I would strive for the better, because if I once had, I could do it again :)

Ofc yes you can

Shall we go to the 3rd question now???


What would be the reaction of yours towards the people who is bullying others??

I'd report for a nearby adult or help if I can muster up the courage to

Now the 4th question?? Ready to answer??

yep as always

Ohk lol. Would you like be a Fairy or an Elf?? And why??

a fairy or elf? lol honestly an elf. I'd rather work hard as one rather then flutter around with a wand and cute wings

Ohh haha


Little by Little we are heading to the end... Shall we see what is the 5th question??


What will you do if you win a $10000000??

lol that's a lot and I won't need so much. I'd share it with family, relatives, poor and myself ofcourse

Ohh!! Nice... Let's go to the 6th question. Shall we??

okie dokie! I'm ready!

What do you prefer?? Family/Friends/Parents or Money?? Remember only 1 choice.. XD

hmm obviously family. that's something I can't live without

Ohh... Great....


Thank you so much for joining with me today.. Had so much fun talking with you...

thank you for inviting me! I enjoyed it! I :)

So guys, that was the today's interview with my friend Sarah.. I will meet you all again with another amazing commaful user.. Until that byee

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