You Said Okay
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With all these signs, I think I need to let go already.

You Said Okay

by Flatsound

It all started with closed eyes and a feeling in my gut telling me I need to keep things shut the whole time.

Cause if they opened even for a second and I saw your lips they'd suck me in like black holes when they bend light.

Cause when we're lying in roads I get the same empty feeling that gravity will just turn off and I'll fall endlessly into something much larger than I am.

But if that's the case why do you feel so lost in the empty space that his hand isn't?

I'd rather keep my mouth shut than start to say what I can't finish, baby I have limits.

So if we could just pretend that your voice exists inside this empty void within then holy shit, holy shit, holy shit if you spoke. Insomnia might loosen its wholesome grip on my throat.

And in that deafening silence.

I asked if I could still call you my snowflake.

And you said, "Okay."

You said, "Okay."

You said,


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