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lunagrimm Just an ordinary space kid.
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What started out as me quoting Macklemore, turned into a poem with my friend :).


by LunaGrimm and Shane Nute

I try to write but every sentence is a run on.

I try to make sense but you were the one I could depend on.

And if I left it would be so you weren't lead on. And what's the point of going on if you're not here for me to lean on?

Is it because you want me to find someone else for me to lean on?

I'm packing up your stuff but I'm pretending you're not gone. Only because I know you've been mentally gone and have emotionally moved on.

I guess that in the end it was love but it was wrong.

And here I am still singing our favorite songs, remembering all the times we really did get along.

And I hope to God you won't be gone for long.

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