Timely Moons

LunaGrimmJust an ordinary space kid.
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A short story about a Clock and a Devil for a friend.

Timely Moons

by LunaGrimm

The two had traversed the planet at the back of the galaxy that the mortals named Pluto.

The being that was Time itself asked the other if she was okay.

The girl with the demon trapped in her was as fragile as the thinnest ice.

"I had to kiss you to test something out." She had told the walking clock.

Before laughing and retorting, "Well I'm glad you're another person to use me to sort out your own emotions and problems. Like I was some kind of substance."

Her eyes had sank into her chest while the two walked, "I'm sorry." She had said.

The Clock had shook his head, "Don't apologize. I like the Moon regardless so it doesn't really matter."

After a night in the pond in kisses and drinks exchanged she had made it clear to him she was still in love with a Devil of some sort.

He had no care for he was too far into the water. Kissing her still, the bodies meshed together and she took from him some more Time.

Before the night was over, she collected more Time to go and love her Devil and stated, "I'm sorry. I don't love you back."

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LunaGrimmBronze CommaJust an ordinary space kid.
5 months ago
Oh, I miss how you sing.

LunaGrimmBronze CommaJust an ordinary space kid.
2 days ago
칭호가 없는 사기 - Untitled Lies
For the girl with Sunflower Eyes.

LunaGrimmBronze CommaJust an ordinary space kid.
5 months ago
Do you think of me too?

LunaGrimmBronze CommaJust an ordinary space kid.
3 months agoReply
@bernardtwindwil Thank you, there'll probably more stories taking place in different times but that all tie themselves into the Grimm Paradox on my Wattpad.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
3 months agoReply
This was beautifully expressed. The originality of the creative force is incredible. I loved it. Great tale!!!!!