LunaGrimmJust an ordinary space kid.
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I was thinking about sex and life and so this came about. Hope you enjoy!

-L. Grimm


by LunaGrimm

Scream so loud the stars above explode and collide with each other creating a beauty of fireworks.

Whisper just loud enough that we still have to be quiet so we don't wake up your parents.

Claw into my back and bite my collarbone so hard you make me bleed as I hum a symphony of moans in your ear.

Tighten your lungs as the last of the oxygen leaves your body while we scream our favorite parts of the song.

Expand your mind and stretch your body as I tell you of my beliefs and opinions and philosophy and such.

Arch your back like a mountain while I explore your core and make you gasp for air.

Feel our thoughts, heartbeats and souls link as the water hits us under the steam of the shower head.

Listen to my humming as we walk through the city of ghosts and wandering souls while I try to keep you from becoming lost.

Hum a symphony of moans in my ear as we hide in the alleys.

Hum like we're in the backseat of your car like on Mother's Day and let me feel your body quiver for me.

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carlafischerBronze CommaAuthoress · System Programmer
9 months agoReply
Enjoyed!! ;)

comababyin love with the darker things
9 months agoReply
pure passion.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
You are a naughty naughty child. This was beautiful. You explored the far edge of sensuality without once touching on pornography. This was well written and well thought out. I loved it, even though you made me feel like a dirty old man looking through your window. Great job!!!!!

LostInMyDreamsCommabassadorDelving deeper into the unknown
9 months agoReply
Very creative! 👍🏽