How Falling In Love Will Kill You
How Falling In Love Will Kill You stories

lunagrimm Just an ordinary space kid.
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A short list on a few ways of how Love will kill you. Also a new little series I might start depending on the feedback, 'Love.' gets.

How Falling In Love Will Kill You

by LunaGrimm

#1. Eyes.

Their eyes will burn holes through you. You will see how better the world looks through their eyes. How infinite you will feel. How time stops each time they blink.

#2. Sleep.

You may have loved sleeping before, but waking up with them and hearing a heartbeat when you wake up at 3 am makes it better. Yet, you'll soon be lying awake at 4 am trying to forget the sound.

#3. Music.

Your car or phone will be covered in albums of each others favorite bands, and you will helplessly sing along and smile. Only to stop when you remember the same way they sang their favorite line.

#4. Coffee.

One of your favorite drinks soon to be shared all the time with them. The flavor you grow to love more so when it's on their tongue. Though you'll hate how you got used to making two cups after.

#5. Time.

You will indefinitely become scared of the future, but we die regardless. So when you look at them, ask yourself if you're ready to die again when the times comes.

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