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Evra is the name I use in place of my best friend whom I haven't spoken to in a while, and this unsent letter is one of few I've written for her.


by LunaGrimm

The following words are written in another reality a few timelines away.

Dearest Evra,

I've spent a few Suns in the same place we would have coffee.

And a few Moons in the place we let our skin kiss while we talked of Space.

I've made a few nooses and hung them in my closet with my clothes.

I made a few new marks on my canvas and watched the color seep through.

I've walked a few roads that our feet traveled every day after school.

I've sent a few letters to someone that might not read them since they don't know who, "Joseph." Is.

I've had a few and this is another letter that will go unsent.

I'm spending another Moon kissing the paper and hugging the pen.

And another Sun embedding into your book.

Dearest Evra,

There are many more Suns and Moons before I go.

I will forever have a deep regard for you.

Maybe some time in the coming days.

We may spend one Sun.

And one Moon catching up.

Just before the Eclipse ends.

For the Sun and Moon are always apart.

Yet forever together in heart.

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