Magic Magic @twentyonepilots and @hailebell First Collab on a Story 😁😁
Magic Magic

@twentyonepilots and @hailebell 

First Collab on a Story

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lunaandhaliejust two girls who love to write
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The first part is Halie....

The second part is Luna..

Magic Magic @twentyonepilots and @hailebell First Collab on a Story 😁😁

The end of the Witch Trials is finally here. The Council has finally decided that the hunt for witches is useless because they would "sense" if there were any left. Yet, Celest still roamed the Wicca Forest with ease as she knew it was finally over.

It was dark, but she could see quite well. Her "inner animal" allowed her to see in the dark. As a shape-shifter she had some perks, but there were also flaws. One example of this was that she was really itchy at the moment, due to the fleas, but she shouldn't scratch them because it only made it worse.

At this moment, she heard a loud noise. It was like a screeching, no, it was screaming. She could hear screaming..... (By Halie)

She didn’t know where the screaming noise was coming from nor she didn’t know what it was. It sounded like a high pitched noise, like chalk on a blackboard. She decided to find out where the noise was coming from.

*Screaming noise* She heard it again. She kept hearing it over and over, like and old song on the radio. “Come and find me, little girl” said the voice. To be continued..... (By Luna)

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