Magic Magic (Continued)
Magic Magic

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lunaandhaliejust two girls who love to write
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The first part is Halie....

The second part is Luna...

Magic Magic (Continued)

Note: This is the second part... Hope y'all enjoy!!!:):):)

"Come and find me little girl." Celest knew that is what she heard, but she was scared to go. "Come and find me." The voice said again, and laughed. Celest ran through the forest and transformed into a wolf, its sense of smell would be useful.

She sniffed the muddy ground of the forest, and there was only one scent other than the forest animals and muddy water, a smell she would recognize from anywhere... ...Kioku? (Halie)

Note: This part is a flashback by Luna 😁😁✨✨

Celest knew Kioku from school. They were the best of friends. Always having tea parties and having sleepovers at each others house.

Then one day in high school, Kioku disappeared in the middle of class and never came back. Celeste was sad and depressed for months, not doing anything and shutting out other people.

One day, Celest decided to call Kioku’s mother to see if she knew where Kioku was. Kioku’s mother told her everything...... To (By Luna)



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