A Love Whose Broken
A Love Whose Broken stories

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Will her love go to far?

By: Luminous

A Love Whose Broken

by Luminous

As a young girl I have always wondered what it was like in the future. Finding greatness in the heart of others. Today was the first year of middle school.

I have been meaning to tell you all this, so trust my words and secrets.

I'm in love but he dose not feel the same. I have been through everything to reach him when he fell. he took me for granted and threw into the abyss of my heart.

He has had many girls crush on him. But I'm different. I love him. I would go over the limits for him. Even if I need to be gone.

I will not say his name. He says that he wouldn't give me a chance because to many people has broken his heart.

My freind who has dated him will be furious, so please don't tell her any thing. she is in the hospital....

It dose not matter what happened. All that matters is she is gone and he and I have a chance. He will love me.

Even if i have to go over the limits for him. For you.

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