Mutual Butterflies
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lulu99 It all started with “Dear Diary”
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Midnight Drives n Windows Down type of Vibe
inspiration: Mutual Butterflies - Ryan Trey

Mutual Butterflies

She adored the way her name slid off his warm tongue. Her song was playing through the chilly wind, blowing along her curly strands. It was breathtaking, but not like the way he spoke her name.

That instantly became her favorite melody. Leaning back, she watches him under the dancing city lights. His hair, God his hair.

It's all messy and ruffled up right now, but she craves nothing more than to reach over the driver's seat and run her dainty fingers along its darkness. He shifts in his seat and glances back.

Dimples deepening in his wide grin. It was merely for a second. A mesmerizing second. Butterflies. Butterflies are what dance inside her.

It was almost as if she can feel the flutters of their colorful wings. Can he sense it too? Can he sense how tangled their souls are? His force field is magnetic.

It's that feeling it radiates, as if her whole life is about to change. That's when the air shifted between them.

Like lightning had struck her as he slowly descended his left hand right on the exposed skin of her thigh. As his fingers lingered, goosebumps rose underneath the soft flesh.

And that's when she was graced with her second most favorite sound in the world. His laughter. A deep throaty chuckle that sent chills up and down her spine.

Being so dumbfounded by his touch she kept staring at the long fingers wrapped around her thigh rather than meeting his gaze.

But when she did look up those butterflies in her stomach made their journey way up to her heart. Damn him and Damn those Eyes.

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