We are the monsters
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Obese On the misery of others

By Luke Greenwood

We are the monsters

by Luke Greenwood


On the misery of others

That don't have the means

Through copper and fibre

Transactions of currency

zero and one

A representation

Of services rendered

For services rendered

So much

For so little

For so little

Too much...

A mother

Carried and fed

Raised and clothed

Was there no other way?

To put food in your mouth

$18 USD

To destroy your child

Your child?

A child

For monsters

We are the monsters

Hidden behind screens

It doesn't matter

"If it's in another country"

I weep watching this

I keep watching this


Hidden behind a screen

For entertainment?

For entertainment.

Just like you did

Are we the same?

So bored in our luxury?

That little men like you

Will eat little children

for dinner

While men like me

Will make entertainment

Of labelling you a sinner

Claiming a moral high ground

While doing nothing

As if knowing

is enough

All the while

Both made fat feeding

on the misery of others

I've had my fill

A child will grow

Twisted and bent

Gaining no benefit

From the money

That was sent

And most likely

Will one day

struggle to feed

A child of their own

And another bored

And hungry


Will gobble them up

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