Nothing left to lose.
Nothing left to lose. simon stories

luiyo033Call me El Doctor. I like fantasy.
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The thoughts of Simon before his encounter with Dracula in Castlevania 1.

Hope you enjoy :)

Nothing left to lose.

I'm finally here.

After all this time, I have finally got here.

A fight that had lasted for 100 years, my destiny, my legacy, my curse.

I enter this castle with the idea that I will succeed, that I Simon Belmont will be ready for everything Dracula throw in my way.

Monsters, traps, and even death itself couldn't stop!

And now I'm here, just stairs away from my destiny.

I have come so far, and now, I have nothing left to lose.

I slowly start walking the stars, with only the moon as my companion this horrible night.

As I walk I feel the horrible presence of the evil that's is Dracula, that won't stop! No, when I have come this far!

Let the ligth be my guidance is this final battle!

Thanks for reading!

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