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luisarce Community member
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The Past

The past follows me everywhere I go. It follows me to my room, to the bathroom and out to the streets.

It’s a dark shadow and it’s only intentions are to bring back sorrow that was left in the past.

The memories are too strong, to clear in my head and it eats me alive little by little till all is left is a zombie with no emotions to spare and a cold heart to follow.

People lie, people, cheat, people kill, and people break hearts.

Yes in the moment it’s all beautiful and amazing but if you just look past all that you will see that there’s a mask with dark intentions.

These memories take away my life and take another piece of me every single day.

They say drink your pain away but what if all it does is amplify it like an antenna searching for a satellite through darkness only to connect to the wrong one that brought back pain,

heartbreak, and solitude that you thought would never connect to. Ex’s and people come and go but just remember that Nothing bad from the past ever comes back to bring you any good.

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