I needed to share
I needed to share feelings stories

luethereal Going through Phases Of Life..
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I just needed to tell someone That I am not alright

I needed to share

I just needed to tell someone

That I am not alright

I have not got over of my bleeding past

Although I pretend to be too happy to be noticed

I don't want anyone to get negativity in their lives

Cz of my Problems

But I really Need someone

To care for me

To understand me

To listen to me without getting bored

To heal me from inside

To just stay with me Through all the times

And never leave me like everyone does

People forget their best ones to

Find new ones

But I don't want that

Cz it's cutting deeper day by day

And creating a wound impossible to heal

I just want someone to gimme love

Love that is like a medicine

Not a temporary bandage

To hide my wounds

I don't wanna hide it now

I wanna show it to that someone

Without fear

Without any doubt

I just needed to share

Cz I need to find that someone

Who is true to me

Cz I am naive

And I don't recognise demons

in disguise of angels..

So I have forgotten

The meaning of the word



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