An Artist Colors Part 14
An Artist Colors Part 14 gay stories

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"Charlie I love you." She smiles taking Collin's hand and stretching the other for Matthew to hold which he quickly takes, having both of them by her side.

"I love you both, so much, I want you two to promise not to commit suicide because of the pain. I want you guys to get along, and live life. To defeat the pain and live with the happiness you both deserve." They both promised and allowed her to continue.

An Artist Colors Part 14

"Charlie, I love you." She smiles, taking Collin's hand and stretching the other for Matthew to hold, which he quickly takes, having both of them by her side.

"I love you both, so much, I want you two to promise not to commit suicide because of the pain. I want you guys to get along and live life.

To defeat the pain and live with the happiness you both deserve." They both promised and allowed her to continue. "I'm dying, I know it because I can feel it.

I don't want you to wear black like everybody else, and I have told you what I want before. If you want to speak at my funeral, then you may, but you don't have to.

If you do speak, make people smile, make them happy the same way you made me happy. I'm leaving, and I'm so sorry. I wish I wouldn't, but I have I because it's my time.

I love you, don't be stubborn, tell each other how you feel, and get along.

Friends, best friends, brothers, or whatever more you should be together in the time you both need someone because you have both gone through very similar events in life. I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry I'm putting you both through so much pain but always remember I love you both so much."

Both Matthew and Collin said I love you too at the same time as she closed her eyes. She smiled and gave them both one more squeeze to their hands as the monitor announced her last heartbeat.

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The nurses took Collin back to his room with Matthew following close behind. Once the nurses left, Matthew crawled into Collin's bed and hugged him as they both cried into each other's arms.

Matthew knowing three languages fluently, couldn't explain how much pain he was feeling. He could try to explain it, but those words would underestimate the actual pain he was feeling.

Words were too weak to explain the immense feeling of sadness and pain both Matthew and Collin were both feelings.

Collin's mind couldn't wrap, couldn't grasp, the tragedy of knowing that he could've died the same night his best friend did.

That he could've caused more pain then he intended, he could've left Matthew alone.

Alone in a judgmental, cruel world where there are close-minded people that don't understand him and will hurt him as much as they could to have the pleasure of being superior.

The superiority that doesn't exist to those who believe that everyone is equal. Equality, what does it mean? What does it stand for? In a world where the poor are less, and the rich are more?

Victor walked in with a sad expression on his face. He tried to hide it by giving a half-smile, but it was noticeable he was sad.

Collin was just confused about how anyone would try smiling in a moment like this.

Was it in hopes that one smile might make themselves feel better? Collin was in love, and now, more than ever, he wished he wouldn't lose Matthew like he lost Charlie tonight.

"She's a fighter, and the doctor did all they could. They were able to get her heart to start beating again, but it seems she has entered a coma.

The doctors are trying to find the explanation, the reason for how she's still alive."

"Why are they questioning why she is still alive? I mean, they brought her back to life." Collin said, confused, wiping his tears off his face trying to calm down.

"You see, that might be true, but it seems that she came back to life five minutes after she had died cured. They examined her, and she's healthy.

Everything is normal, and there is no trace of cancer ever taking place in the first place. They are calling it a miracle and are trying to figure out how long she will be in a coma."

Matthew hugged Collin, feeling relief that she was alive, not awake but something was better than nothing. Matthew felt like he was happy again, happy, and wanted to spend time with Charlie.

They were both so happy to be given a second chance, both Collin and Charlie live was one of the best things that have happened to both of them.

Matthew was happy, he barely heard Victor say that he was going to go home and rest. Matthew didn't know how to express his happiness. It was overwhelming and relieving.

Matthew held on to Collin firmly, and pressed his lips on Collin's cheek, and laid his head down on his chest.

There was silence, Matthew felt stupid for kissing him, but it was much too late to do anything now.

Matthew was trying to come up with the right words to say, but he didn't even know why he had to say something in the first place.

Collin tried not to, but couldn't, when he felt his lips on his cheek, he instantly was red. Collin was shocked that Matthew would ever do that, but he was more focused on why he did it.

Before he could say anything, the door opened, revealing Joshua. Joshua looked at Matthew, making him feel uneasy about being on Collin's bed.

"Could you leave us alone? We need to talk privately." Matthew quickly nodded and got up, heading to the waiting room.

He turned on his phone, seeing more harsh texts from his dad but a few from his mother. A few harsh but others asked how he was doing and if he was okay.

Once he finished explaining what had happened to his mother, he felt like he should go home and finally rest. He said his goodbyes and walked down the hallway towards the elevators.

Before he could exit the hallway, he was pushed up against the wall by none other than Joshua.

"I told you to get away from him, but you can't get your faggot self away from him. Now he's in love with you, and it's all your fault.

Why did he fall in love with you? You are just some lame wannabe loser that seeks everyone's attention.

Why couldn't he fall in love with someone else? Why couldn't it have been with someone who has always been there for him? Why couldn't it be someone that knows all his secrets?

Someone who knows who he truly is inside? Why couldn't he fall in love with me? What's so special about you that is not special about me?

Tell me, Matthew, why does he love you, show me why he loves you.

" Matthew didn't know what to say, he felt scared and shocked that Joshua was in love with Collin and was blaming him for the reason why Collin doesn't love him back.

Joshua grabbed Matthew's hand and dragged him to the elevator pressing on the button that would take them to the first floor.

Matthew was nervous, nervous about why Joshua wasn't saying anything. What was he thinking? He was scared he would get beaten again, but as of now, he could tell that wasn't his intention.

It seemed like the anger was controlling him on making bad decisions involving Matthew.

The elevator opened, they were only on the tenth floor, and it made him anxious having to be in the elevator with Joshua along with the group of people that came in.

Joshua's grip was tight on his hand and he did let him out of his sight. Joshua just kept staring at Matthew, making Matthew feel claustrophobic and red.

The elevator opened again, the 6th floor, and everyone got out. Usually, he felt elevators get to their destination fast, but right now, it felt as if he was in the world's slowest elevator.

Joshua stepped closer to him, making Matthew step away from him. He kept backing up until he was cornered by Joshua.

He was hoping the elevator would reach the first floor faster until he felt it stop. It wasn't opening, and they were only on the 4th floor.

There were no cameras of any sort, but there was a phone. Joshua left Matthew's side to call for help. Joshua was talking, but he couldn't hear his voice.

His voice was muffled, and the memories seemed to come back to him. He remembers the night after he had told his parents Andrew had molested him.

Remembering how his dad beat him outside and locked him inside the shed. How his dad forced him to call Andrew and apologize for 'not accepting his true self.'

"Matthew, are you okay? Matthew?" Joshua shakes Matthew out of his thoughts but decides not to say anything.

He sits down in the corner of the elevator, having Joshua do the same thing and taking his hand in his once more.

"Joshua, why do you keep holding my hand?" Joshua sighs but then takes a deep breath.

"Sorry, it's just that my best friend I have been in love with for years told me he's in love with you, and it makes me feel better.

It feels like hell to know that he feels the same way I do for someone else. I'm sorry I was mean to you but I was jealous.

I was jealous that it took me so long to finally get him to think about me more than just a friend, then out of nowhere, he starts developing feelings for you.

It hurts, more than you could imagine, and I don't want you to make him feel the way I am feeling. Don't lead him on, if you love him tell him if you don't also tell him.

It will hurt him a lot more if you give him hope then take it all away because you don't feel the same. Tell him the truth, the truth will set you free along with him as well.

" the elevator continues going down, they both get up, and everything seems to be going at a normal speed.

They reach the first floor, and without another word, Joshua leaves Matthew alone with his thoughts.

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