Maybe It's Time...
Maybe It's Time... dramione stories

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Dramione short story. I do not own characters. J.K. Rowling owns all Harry Potter based characters and scenes relating.

Maybe It's Time...

It has been three years since she left the magic behind her. The crowds, the cameras, and not living life in peace had gotten to her.

It did not help the Ronald let the fame get to his head, and continuously cheated on her behind her back.

He tried to act slick about it, but she always could smell the perfume of the latest slag. Harry was the only individual she kept in contact with over the last few years.

Hermione left to battle her own demons in the world that felt the most familiar to her.

It was unusually warm for November in the Pacific Northwest with temperatures reaching upwards of seventy-five degrees for the past week.

Hermione vacation in the States was nearing an end, and she knew she would be back at some point. There was something about the air and the nature that spoke to her.

Hermione wrapped her blanket around her shoulders as she walked from the beach back towards the hotel she was staying in.

She slowly crossed the street and narrowly missed bumping into someone. She looked up and almost took few steps back as she recognized the platinum blonde hair and stormy grey eyes.

She had not seen those eyes in over three years when their owner was fleeing the battlefield at the end of the war.

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