Charlie scary stories
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lucybaxter23 Peace out buddies! stay cool
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Based on a random thingy I found on you tube. This guy Tal Fishman (Reaction Time) is reacting to a scary text story about this girl who goes on date and doesnt get what shes expecting...


Emma: hey

Lily: yeah what

Emma: hows your date going

Lily: hes late

Lily: not here yet

Emma: ok

15 minutes later...

Lily: ugh hes not coming is he

lily: pick me up will ya?

Emma: ya ok

Emma: ill call an Uber 4 u

Lily: NO

Lily: I've heard the stories...

Emma: yeah yeah ive taken ubers before and im fine

Emma: ok well im on my way

20 minutes later...

Emma: wait is that Charlie?

Lily: what where?

Emma: behind you in the Cinnabon

Emma: he looks hot like in his tinder pic

Lily: haha no thats not him you should date him tho

Emma: even im not that stupid

Emma: ok im in the parking lot

Lily: oh my god

Lily: oh my god emma

Emma: Whats going on lily whats happening???!???

Lily: i see him

Emma: ok great! date him then!!!

Lily: oh my god oh my god oh my god

Emma: what??

Lily: hes holding up so many pictures of me

Lily: in the shower on the phone in the bath eating breakfast

Emma: run run now to my car

Lily: oh god hes coming towards me with a big bag

Emma: LILY!?!?!

Emma: LILY!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

To be continued...

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