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lucky_tulip I like to draw and write! <3 💜🏳‍🌈
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Just A Poem

Outside the window it's dark and cold the clouds are grey and the background to the moon makes it shine so bright not even the sun can compare to the beauty of the night

Hello who are you what do you like how far have you come on this dimly lit night you walk on bye and although you never said hi this will be our goodbye

I follow you around no matter where you are the sun will rise but it add more darkness to my life I'm always by your side and i will never leave because i am your shadow and i wish you'll soon notice me

Coffee and Tea you and me bitter yet sweet please take this seat

Sunrise and Sunset a never ending loop a song stuck on repeat the inevitable we know it comes we know it goes nothing stays the same everything will someday change but we can keep these feelings for forever

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