All I Wanted
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lstristerCommunity member
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All that I wanted from my boyfriend. Realizing that “all I want” was actually a lot to ask. A depiction of how I’m never satisfied.

All I Wanted

All I wanted was a little more attention

Then all I wanted was more public affection

All I wanted was you coming over to be a daily reoccurrence

Then all I wanted was some more reassurance

All I wanted was to not think I am so difficult to love

I wanted to not feel like I’d be so easy to get rid of

I truly wanted to get the chance to meet your mother

All I wanted was to feel special, not like all the others

All that I wanted you was for you to lift me up when I was down

All I wanted was to not question if you really wanted me around

I guess all I wanted was someone so I wouldn’t be so lonely

And what I really wanted was to be confident that I was your one and only

But all that I wanted often went unheeded

I see now what I thought I wanted, was really what I needed.

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