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lsthoughts Community member
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Every relationships first steps are the same. Do you take the gamble and be different?

- Zero.

I came not wanting to know how it would finish, but in fact how it would start.

The all too familiar conversations about emotions that are subject to change, pending further investment from someone who 3 weeks ago.

Didn’t exist.

The need for approval seems never ending, acceptance from someone, anyone.

Anyone to inevitably share the first steps with me.

These same steps that have been repeated over the years of what is almost Groundhog Day.

I chase around for what I have already been through as if some sort of addiction.

but, in fact,

It’s the addict I desire.

Can I find someone who will endeavour to spend time out of they’re life on what will be a gamble.

Thirty-six numbers on a board, myself and thirty-five others.

With odds that bad why do we feel the need to continually back a losing bet.

How many times does zero really pay off?

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