A Flower Stood
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There stood a flower. A lonely flower that did not soar like a tower.

A Flower Stood

There stood a flower.

A lonely flower that did not soar like a tower.

Its petals were sunken and sad it appeared.

A group of gentle people saw the flower and were revered.

They watered the flower and made it bright.

For the pitiful flower bloomed and was the prettiest in sight.

The flower was getting more attention than ever.

The plant's gentle friends were very clever.

They made the choice to help a damsel in distress.

Since her petals were drooped and brown, for she looked a mess.

But with the help of selfless people the flower flourished.

She had everyone's head turning now that she is nourished.

Bold and beautiful she was.

With her lively colors and the manipulative look she does.

For the people that walked past the flower at her sad time,

Looks at her now with awe and admires her like an alluring chime.

For she holds no grudges to those that denied her.

Instead she looks at the shame they endure.

They walked past a dime thinking it was a rusty penny.

There was no pity for her so now she doesn't have any.

Thanks to the people that cared she has undoubted loyalty and extreme confidence.

Because she has been down in the dumps and knows that life is intense.

So be aware that the flower's beauty is unmatched.

One can try to find one like her but disappointment will hatch.

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