Demons Chapter 2; In which the odd creatures were doing.
Demons Chapter 2; In which the odd creatures were doing. comedy stories
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lpsinksanskidI'm a writer for fun. Anime since 2017.
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Behold the funniest chapter yet. Lots of comedy. Lots of action. Lots of... Demons!?

Demons Chapter 2; In which the odd creatures were doing.

Created by LPS_Inksanskid

From Inky Dink Studios.

Demons Chapter 2: In which,the odd creatures were doing. WARNING: Contains slightly violent scenes. Proceed with caution if you are 7 or younger.

“Now Marry,”a strong bold voice with a heavy 1800’s Englishman accent.

”We are about to travel,” he leaned in closer to whisper”The in between!” he made sure Marry was paying attention,before he continued.

”we must make sure she is the only one that sees us,” he paused “Is that clear?”

“Oh shut your yap ,Night”Marry replied with a raspy,hoarse voice.

“O.K. here we go!”and together they walked through the gates to the world above.

Now,in the time all of that was happening, Crystal was dealing with MR.Carbon”Come Marry,we’ll hide behind this bush and wait.” and so they waited. And they waited. And waited.

They waited almost 20 minutes,before Crystal came by.

”I think i see her!” Night whispered back to Marry.

“Really? Let me see! Move over.”

“No you'll see her in a minute.”

they got into a small quarrel ,and let's say they had just fallen out of the bush in front of Crystal.

Now,as you may have imagined,Crystal was standing there still shocked by the sudden appearance of these terrifying creatures.

One, a tall stallion with black fur,tall poised legs,and a long dark purple mane,with a matching tail.The other creature, looked much less friendly.

(not that either of them looked friendly in the first place.)She was a small ,blunt sheep with,again, black fur.

She had large poofy dark gray fluff and red eyes,seemingly burning with pain and sorrow.

“Who are you?” Crystal,finally asked,very shocked,but mostly scared.

“Mairrian!” The stallion scolded,ignoring Crystal’s question.”I told you not to scare the dear child.”

“NO ONE calls ME Mairrian.”she huffed,making a threatening glance toward her attacker,as if he were a bulldozer.

Finally,after afew minutes,she reluctantly gave up with a hoof stomp,and a nose snort.

“Who are you?”Crystal echoed,demanding an answer.Both creatures turned,and stared at her,then burst into laughter.” Well?” she prodded.

“ ‘Who are we?’ “ the sheep mimicked,mockingly. “ who are we?” the stallion chimed in,then they turned towards each other,giving a secret signal,then they broke into a melody.

“WE are the demons of the underground. Hear our rumble,hear our sound “

“ Marry” the sheep continued alone. “I am the hell that circles your mind,the one who gives nightmare so divine.” then, the horse took a step.

“Night Rider,”he proceeded. “I bring wisps of sorrow through air, make you cry ‘Boo hoo im scared’. I creep in the dark, sad and without.” then, they both shouted, “DEMONS!”

“So you're demons?” Crystal confirmed.

“Why couldn't you just tell me that before? And what do you want with me?” Crystal had a bazillion more questions,but she felt those were the most important to ask.

“UM, hello?Didn’t you listen to the song?” Marry rasped loudly.

“Sorry, life's not a musical honey.” she said sarcasticly.

“Well,” Night Rider interrupted,stopping the fight,yet still ignoring Crystals questions. “I’m Night Rider, and this is Marry.”

“Bloody Marry” she insisted.

“ WHy yes of course Bloody marry.” he shuddered at the word.”anyways,we've come to take you,uh,The Chosen One, down to our realm.”

“The Chosen Wah?” Crystal asked,very confused

“The Chosen One.” Marry repeated, Annoyed

“And what’s that exactly?”

“You sure ask a lot of questions,I mean, it’s not like i have answers.”she replied ,snubly

Night Rider went on ignoring her. He seemed to do that a lot.

“WE can't give you any more information,unless you come with us.” He said, boldly.

“GO WITH YOU!?” Crystal exclaimed. Now she was even,more confused. What is the chosen one? Why is she the Chosen One? Who sent them? Are there more out there somewhere?If so,how many?

“Uh..”she hesitated,worried what would happen after she made her next move”No”Crystal finally said.

“But you have to-”

“No, we cant make her. Come along Marry.” And with that they disappeared,with a puff of smoke.

NOw,on with Crystal’s initial plan; get some ice cream. Crystal kept on walking,until she got to Zino’s Ice cream.

She stepped inside,expecting to see the friendly face of Gavin, a boy, whom was also an orphan.

You see, Crystal had liked Gavin for a long time,he worked at Zino’s,but when she stepped in, she didn't see Gavin, she,instead was faced with the surprize of a stranger, a man.

A man, with a gun!

“Get outta here ‘fore i shoot ya!” Obviously,he didn't know a lot of grammar. He dogged his way to Crystal,before she could run out the door.

He lifted the gun to her chest,and as he was about to pull the trigger he exploded into a million little chunks of red.

“What was that???” Crystal screamed.Had she somehow done that?

“I did that.” the smoke appeared again, and Night Rider showed up. “,Wasn't is a neat little trick?” he smiled

Crystal could of maybe guessed Marry,based on her attitude,but Night Rider!?

“He just exploded into a jillion chunks! You're a murderer.”

“First,” he replied, “ ‘A jillion’ isn't a number,second,I didn’t kill him. I just substituted him. It's just jello.” he demonstrated,by picking one up,and plopping it into his mouth.

“But how?”

“Substitution magic,” he swallowed his jello “Marry’s idea.”

Of course.

“I just wanted ice cream.” Crystal whined,suddenly Marry jumped out of nowhere.

“Why didn't you say so?I'll take you to get some!” and with a poof of smoke, they left,with bits of jello lying about.

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