Demons Chapter 1
Demons Chapter 1 comedy stories
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lpsinksanskid I'm a writer for fun. Anime since 2017.
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Chapter 1 is here! Do you dare to read on?

Demons Chapter 1

Created by LPS_Inksanskid

From Inky Dink Studios

Chapter 1 lot of confusion,but no ice cream,along with middle school misery.

Crystal Pearlie lay almost motionless in her bed.

“BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!”sounded her alarm clock.

“Uh,” she groaned as she arose. “8:00 A.M.” she read aloud as she stretched, and yawned. “Wait!” she exclaimed “ I’m late for school!” and she dashed out the door without a word.

Crystal had just made it to class as the bell rang.

“OK, class open your books to page 68”

Now it was time for the day of misery in middle school.

“BRRRRRRRING” rang the school’s bell.

Crystal had jumped up and dashed to the door,only to be stopped by her science teacher, MR.Carbon.

“I need to talk to you about your grades,Miss Pearlie.”

“Great just what I need” she thought to herself. MR.Carbon was the only thing keeping her from leaving this misery induced school.

“Yes?” Crystal asked,quite obviously annoyed.

MR.Carbon couldn't take a hint.

“Your grades are slipping,Miss Pearlie.”there was something ominous about the way he said Miss “I think you should get ,” he paused for a second “a tutor.”

A TUTOR!!?? Crystal had straight B’s, and MR.Carbon knew it.

“Look,” Crystal started,hesitantly “I don't think i ne-”

“ think about it”

And she walked away.

Outside the front of the school,two people were waiting for Crystal. Ocean, a large orange-brown fur colored german shepherd, and Icees, a small purple shaggy haired mutt.

“What took you so long?” Ocean asked, worriedly.

“MR.Carbon,” she bluntly replied.

“You mean MR.CO2?” Icees interrupted,giggling so much she could hardly breathe.

“He said i needed a tutor.”Crystal continued

“Oh,we gotta go. Bye Crystal!” they cheered,as they ran towards their mom’s car.

Crystal was extremely irritated by the fact that her friends would ignore her like that!

“I feel like getting some ice cream”,she mumbled angeryly to herself.Then,there was a slight rustle in the bushes,and out popped two terrifying creatures,with red,hungry eyes!

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