A Nasty Wave of Filth
A Nasty Wave of Filth filth stories

lpfraga Community member
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The story of John, a nasty prick who got what he deserved. Or did he really?

A Nasty Wave of Filth

John was a little prick. He used to shout at random people on the streets and spit on the floor wherever we was. John was really awful, a nasty man, if I may tell you.

One day, one glorious day, John was walking down the main avenue and a rushing bus passed speeding right next to John's sidewalk.

The vehicle's tires crushed a huge puddle of mixed rain water, mud and litter, and created a nasty wave of filth that hit directly the entire body of John.

Mike was right behind John, didn't get hit by that dirty wave by seconds, and tought to himself while looking at John: what a poor man.

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