Blue Walls

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lpenlow Slow and dark poems
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A reflection on my first counseling experience

Blue Walls

I never realized how pretty my bedroom walls are. A light blue. Not exactly aqua. Not a light teal. An almost sea foam green? No? Oh, wait a minute. It's a light shade of counselor's office. The irony is in the fact that I painted my walls this color before I went to counseling, according to Time.

Counseling was great. I started to get better. I started to feel amazing. That kind of mental relief was something I had never felt before. I had no worries. Negative had gotten quieter. Positive, on the other hand, never said a word anymore. She had left me. She was gone. It was only me and Negative.

I soon figured out what had happened to Positive. She hadn't left. She was right where she needed to be; right in this world.

Positive had taken up ninety-one percent of my mind. Way too much for me to realize she was there. Negative was taking up the remaining nine percent. Too little to have an effect, but just enough to be noticed.

I remember that just by looking at my walls. Now Negative fades. She's slowly fading. Positive is locked away. Well, now that I think about it, she's still here. She was just stuck for a while.

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