A "Love" Letter

A "Love" Letter romance stories

lpenlow Slow and dark poems
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I'm heartbroken over something I never had

A "Love" Letter

Why don't you answer me anymore? I thought you said you cared. Why do you leave me wondering where I stand with you every single night? Why do you try so hard to lie to me?

Lies. It's all lies. I've called you out before and I'll do it again. It's all lies. Please, stop lying to me.

Stop making me feel like I have to put my whole life on hold just for a moment of happiness with someone. I just want to share my happiness with someone. Why do you make me think I can, and then take it all away?

I never had you, and I never will. You made me think for a second I could. You made me regret all my past actions. You made me regret being quiet. You made me so sad.

I love seeing you, I truly do. I just wish I didn't. I wish you were like anyone else. I wish you would stop lying to me. I'm so sad.

Why am I not over you? Why did you get in my head again? Why am I doing the same things I do when my heart is torn in half? You never even had my heart. Never. You never took it.

You don't care. Please, stop lying. I'm begging you. I'm on the ground begging.

If you say you aren't lying, then please prove it. I'm begging you. I don't want these feelings to continue with nowhere to go. I'm begging you. Be just my friend again. Please.

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