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lowkeymornsHere to say hi and put out some poems
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This one is long and reads better all together but figured I'd still post it

sNOw white

I sit here with these thoughts you are each and everyone. Im infected by your influence, the words rolling from your tongue. You could take me or leave me. From that I hope I can move on.

My path is crashed i'm on my back I don't think I can be that strong.

You finally drove me crazy. I think my sanity has left.

You've been playing all these games I'm just a piece in your set. Got lions by the mane snow white,

look at all the creatures you have tamed. A master of your craft, Yet you can't recall there names. If there ever was a second, you had to be alone.

You would eat the red apple so you could finally sleep alone.

Saved by the seven Who you influence with your tongue. Playing with there emotions You laid rest to the happy one. I heard you in his room, you finally kissed the prince.

Had thoughts of dancing at the ball,

Living a story of romance.

Like growing old together. How happy you could be. You had everything you wanted Gained every thing you need. Note I wrote this in past tense For It was nothing but a dream.

Broken and overcome

Now you know what iv been feeling. Or are you simply numb? Is your Heart even beating?

Did you not get your full, From all the followers you've been misleading? I hope you had your fun

For your stories surely done. I'll sit here in my silence Until I finally see the sun. Your eyes where mirrors of my regrets. Tho They have finally lost their shine.

It seems the years don't move past you.

You're all caught up with lost time. Said you found your happy ending, I ask can you give me mine?

Cause no matter the day. Thoughts of you still linger in my mind. Ill have piece the day you read this, Careing enough to know I tried.

But if that day never comes. Know I love you was was a lie.

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