This one is for my Girlfriend
This one is for my Girlfriend stories

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This one is for my Girlfriend

If you hate LGTPQ this is not the story for you

My parents are Christian Which is hard because i'm an Atheist I don't believe

In 6th grade I decided I was Lesbian So I came out to all of my friends (Most of my friends are Gay)

But telling my parents is the hardest part I told them 3 years later when I'm in 8th grade

I met my girlfriend this year well....... in 2018

The weird part in this story is that I have known her scene 4th grade Who knew in middle school we would be dating

She asked me out


I love her so much I haven't seen her in a few months

I was switched out of the school because we were dating But she still loves me

I feel miles away from her

Yes in Middle school dating is kind of weird. For straight couples. I'm just happy cause even though I havn't seen her in a while Where still together

Chole, I love you so much Your one of the reason's i'm still alive. I love you so much. I miss you dearly. I know you will never see this but........ We will be together one day Where I can kiss you and see you again Love, Your Girlfriend (Alora)

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