Meeting the Idgits part 1
Meeting the Idgits 
part 1

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When you finally snap towards your father Bobby Singer you leave with a bag and two brothers and an angel on your side to save the world together but as Sam and Dean start to fall deeper in love with you, you notice the rivarly between the two brothers

Meeting the Idgits part 1

Warning:this episode will have cussing.

It was a summers night, I was sitting on the roof of my house after a long hunt. I looked at the moon and listened to the sounds of crickets chirping annoyingly. I was sitting near my bedroom window just enough to the point where in my peripheral vision I could see if someone was going to climb out the window of my room.

My father was just downstairs doing whatever he wanted, it wasn't unusual probably going to find another hunt to go on. 'He works himself to hard.' I thought to myself 'he needs a break as do I.' I hear unfamiliar voices and feet walking closer to my room I don't pay much mind to it.

Oh boy I should've......I see something climb onto the roof. I grab him and pin him against the wall while I pull out the knife in my boot....I'm a little paranoid sometimes."Who are you and what do you want?" I press the cold knife to his throat. "woah take it easy." he said. "Not even going to explain who you are even if you have a knife to your throat?"

"Nah makes this more fun." I press harder and harder againist his throat. My father comes up ."What the hell you idgit I told you not to go up the stairs what about don't do that do you not understand." My father is Bobby Singer. yep I'm a Singer. "Ugh is it just one of the "idgits" you keep talking about." why does this keep happening to me?

I let him go,"Dad what the hell, I thought you where focusing on getting us a hunt." I looked at him with a pissed off expression of course i was mad. 2 other men came on to the roof to see what the ruckus was all about I'd assume. One had longish brown hair and a brown jacket. The other one had black hair with a trench coat.

"Bobby you have a daughter?" said the one I pinned to the wall and almost killed,he had a leather jacket and short dark brown hair."Yea,I have a daughter." my dad said. I looked at the trio and all of a sudden the long haired one noticed and smiled at me I got a little nervous but I smiled back.

"I'm Y/N Singer." they all introduced themselves. The short haired one with the leather jacket name was Dean and the long haired one was Sam they are both brothers and somehow they say they 're the famous Winechesters. The trench coat ones name is Castiel. "Well I suppose instead of standing here and dilly dally let's focus on the end of the world than my daughter."

"Dad WHAT THE HELL." I got very flustered and I really hope they don't notice. "Anyway we got a world we need to save." Dean said. "Hey,If it's of use I want to help." I looked at them with a serious face. My Dad started talking to break the silence,"Hell no your not helping." I stared at him and furrowed my eyebrows.

"why the hell not." I'm sick of him treating me like I'm 13 again. "Excuse me." I looked at him straight in the eyes,"I SAID why the hell not." He looked at me with a displeasing look. "why are you talking to me like that." I started getting pissed off."Dad I'm not a little kid anymore I'm 28 I can take care of myself and I can make my own damn desicions!"

Ever since my mom died I can't leave my father alone I'm to scared to what if something happens to him.I'd blame myself but this time I need to get away I've lived with him for 28 years I love him but I can't continue to let him continue to think I'm a 13 year old.

"You're not going to help us with the end of the damn world!" I looked at him and I was so pissed off."Dad,I'm going to help weather you like it or not." I looked at him with a cold stare." your not going to help-" all of a sudden Dean interrupted,"she wants to go with us then let's go." he grabbed my hand and led me outside the house.

"Dean,DEAN WAIT." he just kept walking and walking and he wouldn't stop."Dean if I'm leaving I need clothes." he looked at me."right go pack." I ran upstairs as fast as I could go and packed a bag. I threw clothes in my bag that included essentail's. I picked up my red wood box and put my finger tips on the box and smiled.I felt the velvety box and drag my fingers to the side of the box.

"What's that?" I look up to see the tall brown haired in the doorway."It's something very prescious to me." I smiled and put the box to my chest and stuffed it in my bag."What does it have in it?" I looked at him and we where having a moment where I looked at him and he looked at me."Uhhhhh......just some things that are important." I sat there blushing

"Oh ok well we are gonna get going in a minute so I just came up here to check up on you." I snapped out of my daze and smiled at Sam."I'm ok Sammy." He looked at me and I realized I just called him sammy."Sorry I shouldn't have called you a nickname." he did a little laugh."no um it's ok." We continued to look at eachother. "Well thank you for checking in on me but I'll be there in a sec."

"Right ok I'll let you continue." He walked out of the door way. I sighed and packed some of my favorite knives that i take on hunts. I heared alot of shuffling behind me I turn around and there in the doorway stands Dean."Why is everyone standing in my doorway today." He laughed."Where just about to leave in a couple so just wanted to let you know."

"Sam already told me but thank you kind sir." I said sarcastically.He laughed again. "Ok well I'll be on my way." He left,my Dad came into my room and hugged me I was taken aback."I love you too Dad." I hugged him back."Don't get hurt please." he basically pleaded me. "I'll try not to Dad."

I walked downstairs and hugged my Dad one more time."Now you idgits gotta make sure my daughter will be ok." I looked at him. Sam answered."Of course we will." I looked at him."I'll be fine dad don't worry about me." I put my bag in the trunk of the Impala. I waved bye to my fahter and got in the back seat.

I put my hand out the car window while Dean put in the tape of Back in Black by Ac/Dc and drove off towards Minnesota in the black vehical named Baby sitting with two crazy brothers.

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