ʍʏ ɨռռɛʀ ɖɛʍօռֆ
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ʍʏ ɨռռɛʀ ɖɛʍօռֆ

(A/N) This has very dark themes such as suicide leave if those things are triggering I don't want any of you to have a panic attack or somthing that would be awful :( There is also a photo with cuts on peoples arms please don't read if any of that is triggering it's not for very long just only 2 pages and ending but still :( So if any of that is triggering please leave

My inner demons locked away in my mind Only to come out at night When the moon shines it's light The monsters I have under my bed Can't compare to the demons who live in my head

They hurt me I am the one with the key Yet I feel as if they control me Binded to my own mind One long line of secrets That I keep......

Demed to be true Events unfolding like cards Making me sleep it will not succed Night dark as my head dark as my demons Light no longer seeping in thorugh the curtains

Controled Down to my soul To the hole in my heart Stichting together scar by scar Walking away from my mind it feels so far The outline of deamons dark as a dying star

my eyes trick me My eyes don't click As my candle flicks The fire licking the wax making it melt The demons in my head Wanting me dead

Am I even wanted? My parents only care for themselves Dust on my shelves There is something shiny in a box Tiny like something cute that will swell your heart

I use it when I'm sad Or when I'm mad but this will be it I can't take it The candle no longer lit Out of my bed they watch me Feeding off my fear while they look queer

They don't care only am I a vessel My feet cold from the floor Torn away from it's box Do I take the cold metal To heal my heart

All Art goes to it's orignal owners If you made it this far I'm sorry for the darkness of this poem My last poem took off I was not expecting to get 88 likes in one day🥺 Thank you!

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