#1 - Social Experiment?
#1 - Social Experiment? messaging stories
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lovesick24 Small pieces of love sick literature x
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Was this a good idea? :/

#1 - Social Experiment?

I always message you first, "Hey! How's it going?" or "Hey! How has work been?" Just to let you know that I think about you... often.

I always want to message you because... well, if it wasn't obvious enough, I care about you...

like a lot! I always want to know how your day is going, or what happened because I care deeply about you and your life! (No matter how boring you may think it was or is)

I decided, from Monday onward, that i'd try a small scale social experiment,

not message you at all until necessary (like the day we are supposed to be catching up) I just wanted to see if you think about me, or us as a thing, a possible glorious thing...

Is it so hard to get a reply? Is he always too busy to message me?

Maybe the 'social experiment' was too much... maybe he thinks i'm not interested in him anymore?

Complete opposite. I'm craving him even more now. God, I can't get him out of my mind...

Love Sick Notes x

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