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lovesdeanthomas Part of the bts army and poetry is life,
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I think this is prose? Let me know please!
Originally started as a short story so i cut some out...would you like to read the story as well?

The 5th picture was taken by me by the way😄🔆

Pirate King

The golden beauty dips down letting the moon rise and to shine its iridescent light. As much as I love the Sun it’s the moon that tends to call to me like a loving mother I can only dream of.

This time I shall complete my quest and reclaim what deserves to be mine. As the moon rules the seas, I wish to work side by side wearing that gold diadem upon my head.

This lifestyle of scrounging food from the rats was never meant to be my path. Toes suffocating themselves in the sand as I stand.

Uncovering the map as of now deciding no time like the present to proceed my plan now that the moon hides thy face again letting the Sun come back to play shedding color to the landscape.

My journey is far too difficult by foot, but now that I have reached the age of eighteen I can finally own a ship to travel more effectively.

My beauty has been under tattered cloth waiting for the day to sail amongst the waters.

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