Just a Scratch pt. 2
Just a Scratch pt. 2 short story stories

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I have more written out, but did not want to make it too long. More updates will be coming soon.

Just a Scratch pt. 2

Luna tried to recollect her thoughts.

“Maybe it’s a coincidence?” Luna questioned

“Maybe it happened between eleven and midnight since it seems at that time my mind is empty with no memories to fill it with these past two days?” Luna thought

“Maybe it happened when the squirrels took action and finally taken over the world?” Luna spat

Luna walked out her bathroom and walked along her wood flooring to reach and gaze outside her window.

She notices the lack of squirrels and even a fellow human walking down the street with no leash around their neck.

“Maybe that was just a dream.” Luna uttered

Luna closes the curtains because even though her house maybe clean she hates the feeling of someone possibly looking in.

Luna is not going to take the chance that she could embarrass herself if she decided to leave the curtains open.

“What if I get the urge to be Tom Cruise from Risky Business and fall flat on my face?” Luna thought

“What if I decide to go to Hyvee and the scent of the bakery isle gets to me because you know marketing to the consumer and I end buying two dozen whipped cupcakes to then to reply to

the cashier saying of course I’m having a party, but really end up stuffing my face while watching New Girl?” Luna gasped as she continued her thoughts

“What if I decide to eat walnuts and a squirrel sees and calls their friends who calls their friends and then have a squirrel invasion on our hands?” Luna spat and took a moment

“This is probably why my therapist says I need to get out more.” Luna concluded

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