Ice Breaker Challenge
Ice Breaker Challenge yuliares stories

lovesdeanthomas Part of the bts army and poetry is life,
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A fun challenge created by @duskthoughts

Ice Breaker Challenge

Three Questions. Multiple Choice. 2 of them are lies. 1 Truth. Let's see if you can guess correctly about me.

Favorite Doctor? A).Nine B).Ten C). Eleven

What song inspired me to write poetry? A)."All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers B). "Color Song" by Maggie Rogers C)."Talk" by Kodaline

My childhood pet was named after a Disney Character in what movie? A)Lady and the Tramp B)The Lion King C)Oliver & Company

Bonus🙂💜 Since this is a complete guessing game I thought I would add another question to give you guys another chance. Good Luck! Whats lessons did I take as a kid? A). Piano B).Gymnastics C).Ice Skating

I will post the answers next week💜

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