A friend's death..

                 A friend's death.. pain stories

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Death..surely is disappointing

A friend's death..

The untimely death of a dear friend, Never is possible to forget, A lifelong friendship that was to be expected, But my god- -death took it away.

A life that was supposed to be, A life that was to bloom, A life that could shine bright in this dark world was supposed to be, But death had taken it away.

Still, the memories of the best moments still shine even during the departure of a friend, it was an asset for a beautiful bright future.

Which I promise not even death, could take it away.

Death, always the winner in the play- -Death, always finding its way... ...Death, never on a delay, Death, Death, Death, oh how I wish it wouldn't stay.

But, nature entrusted this duty to death, all to just keep life in its flow. Sadly, we just have to accept that reality always ends in death. And I'm sorry your life ended before it barely began... -S.C

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