The mysterious family
The mysterious family
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A mysterious turn of events started to happen in the life of 18-year-old Camila. Who got entangled in the dirty secret of her family. Follow Camila’s journey to discover the truth behind her nearly perfect family. With everything on the risk! Will Camilla uncover the truth behind her family?

The mysterious family

Camila woke up with a strange afflict in her limb. She squealed out mama! Camilla's mother rushed to see what had happened.

Mama my lower abdomen hurts as she shrieked out. Oh, you silly child! As Camilla let out a subtle smile. That's nothing to be crying about, your turning 18 in a few days. You should start acting like a grown-up and not like a child, now get up get yourself changed and come to breakfast as Camilla’s mother declared and left the room.

It's my birthday!! I was so happy that means I can eat cake go out with my friends and get lots of gifts. But this year was particularly special not the fact that I was turning 18 but the fact that I was going to my grandma's house, not paternal grandmother but maternal grandmother. Who I haven't seen before so it's my first time going to visit her, whenever the topic of my maternal grandmother comes out my parents are always “ hush-hush” and never approved of the idea. Since it's my 18th birthday I practically begged them to let me visit her and finally they agreed.

I always wanted to know why my parents would never let me meet my mother's side of the family. So I would always be curious about things like, how they would look? What do they do? And stuff like that. I have always been a very curious bean, my dad's a detective, I guess it runs in the family. Jokes aside, we finally got in the car and not to exaggerate or anything but the whole car ride seemed like it was never going to end. I guess I was just too excited and bored.

Finally, we arrived in front of a huge mansion, which made me wonder how wealthy was my mom?. She always bragged about how wealthy she was, but to be honest, I thought she was just joking but it turned out she wasn't. We get escorted into this Castle like house, in which I thought I would get lost in. This place was filled with really expensive-looking items and huge chandeliers, I whispered into my mom's ear “Wow you never told me you had a house like this” to which she replied, “Shut up”.

That's when a very elegant looking lady entered the room. She looked like an elegant 90s actress, she had a strong and mysterious aura surrounding her. Is that Maria? She stated to which my mother replied yes, how are you mother? Oh, I'm doing just fine as she replied. Is that Mark? Yes mother he is. As my mother answered, this must be Camila? I answered by saying yes. Oh, it's been a very long time, by the way, how old are you? As she asked me, I answered by saying 18. To which she said “wow”! You're an adult now! In return, I gave her a slight smile.

A maid showed me my room, and it was huge! bigger then my own room back at home. I got changed and rushed downstairs that's when I met my two uncles. They both had a very masculine build and looked very intimidating, but they were really friendly and gave a full garden tour which was nice. Finally, we sat down to eat and it was a full three-course meal, you know the ones you see in movies and stuff that's the type of meal we had. Soon enough it was bedtime, and I was trying to fall asleep but I couldn't.

So I decided to look around the huge mansion. That's when I saw my two uncles having a serious talk with my father. Curiosity got the better of me and I leaned in to hear what they were saying. It wasn't clear I only heard something about a jewellery box of some sort. They were talking in a very serious tone, I've never seen my father this serious before. Suddenly one of my uncles got violent and punched my father, then soon both of them started banging him. Not too long after getting beaten up he fell on the ground.

As I jumped to try to save my father a hand-pulled me in.It was the maid she covered my mouth and gave me a sign to be quiet. The maid was drenched in sweat and looked quite frightened. I was ready to push her but to my surprise, she let go before I could ask her anything , she whispered into my ear RUN! Before they found out you saw them run! These people are very dangerous!! If they found out that you heard or saw something they will surely kill you! So many questions popped in my head. What was saying?? Why did uncles beat dad?? What were they hiding??? What was the secret behind my family???

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