Perfect Remains
Perfect Remains horror stories

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"Such a tragedy. This is the fifth girl this month?"

Girls at a boarding school have been disappearing recently, and detectives have yet to find them or the person who took them. The headmistress provides aid, but she knows more than she lets on. All of these girls have been chosen for a reason, and they are a lot closer than detectives could hope to imagine.

Perfect Remains

"Such a tragedy. This is the fifth girl this month?"

The detective looked back at me with an unreadable expression. I looked down on my hands, observing the lines on my palms.

"Her name was Sophia."

I lifted my eyes and met the detective's stare, his impassive eyes showing neither suspicion nor sympathy.

"It must be difficult for a headmistress like yourself to lose your students."

I put my hands on my lap and composed myself.

"We're doing our best."

"Tell me what you know," he said.

"Well, Sarah was the first to go. She was the youngest at twelve years old. A cheerful girl. She would greet every student with a bright smile.

Her father's business had gone bankrupt and he was selling his daughters to stay off the streets.

"Then was Isabella, our resident beauty. She had suitors lined up around the block. One young man overstepped the boundaries of a gentleman. She politely declined, but the advances didn't stop.

Soon after, she was gone.

"Not a week later was Elizabeth. A mind sharper than a blade. If anyone could have helped with the case, it was her.

"Two days later, Marietta vanished. She was to graduate and marry a gentleman three times her age, but wealthy and living overseas. She was opposed to it, but her father was adamant.

"And finally, just last night, we lost Sophia. The poor girl had a cruel stepmother who often beat her. This institute was the only place she could take refuge."

The detective looked back at me with those emotionless eyes. He sighed and fetched his coat.

"Thank you for your help. I will be back tomorrow morning to continue investigating, but as of now, there are no leads. My condolences." He tipped his hat. "Good evening."

I sat back with a sigh. Why couldn't these detectives see what I can? These girls aren't in danger. Not anymore. They are safe from the evils of the world.

I set out to my suite, exhilarated at the thought of relaying tonight's events to my girls. Oh, what a joke it would be. My girls would be so amused. Sarah, with her innocent grin.

Isabella, with her delicate hand raised to her mouth. My sweet, beautiful girls.

I opened the basement with a flourish. There they were, sitting as they always did, their bodies positioned with perfect posture, eyes permanently open. Not a care in the world.

Safe, as they should be.

I picked up Sophia, her bruises faintly visible. My poor, poor child. But I would protect her. She would never feel pain again.

I picked up the scalpel, pressing on her throat. As it went through her skin like butter, I giggled and pulled out her organs. Some slipped through her fingers, but no matter.

She won't be needing them.

After all, once she is stuffed and stitched up, she will be her happy self again.

Safe and sound.


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