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lovelylunaa Community member
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I know that this isn't really about separation. but if you read deep into it it really. is


Theirs a million things in a lifetime I’ve discovered. Gazing from afar, I notice every single chiseled detail and every modeled feature.

But I escape the haze before I got lost in the rainforest in your eyes. I lost consciousness as I fell into your arms. But your comfort gave me a new home.

I haven’t known myself sense that moment. I can’t help but smile when I’m around you. I can say so much about you to my friends.

But the second you lay your eyes on me I’m as quiet the wind before it gets comfortable enough to whisper in your ears.

I laugh of fear knowing that if I open my mouth I’ll probably just say something stupid. But I’ll speak to you when I find the right words. Until then I open my mouth with nothing to escape it.

I smile every time we touch. Your hug of hypnosis reminds me to not forget your name. I can’t help but to…think. Think about how I can change my ways and to find luxury inside your heart.

But i didn't get there because forceful tore us apart.

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